Contact information

Dipl.-Phys. Simeon Carstens, PhD
New York University
Zidovska lab, Center for Soft Matter Research
4 Washington Place, New York, NY 10003

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phone: +33 1 44 38 94 82 (to be updated soon)
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In December 2011, I started my PhD work at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology under the supervision of Michael Habeck. Since then I have been working on Monte Carlo equlibrium sampling methods for Bayesian structure determination. More specifically, I am trying to assess whether nonequilibrium methods like RENS and NCMC can be advantageous in sampling from the complex, high-dimensional posterior distributions arising in this context.

In September 2012, I moved to Paris to continue my PhD work in the Structural Bioinformatics unit at Institut Pasteur headed by Michael Nilges, where I am now working on the Bayesian determination of chromatin structures from HiC data.

Since April 2016, I am a postdoc in the Zidovska lab at New York University.

Before, I studied physics in Tübingen and did my diploma thesis in the Computational Physics group of Willy Kley on MD simulations of protoplanetary dust agglomerates.


Besides work

Nobody really wants to know that in detail, but for the record: I love climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, skiing, hiking etc. in beautiful places all over Europe. I also like to learn interesting mathematical things which somehow have a connection to physics or my work.

I love music a lot, both listening to it (always open for suggestions!) and actually making music by improvising on the piano. At least I'm trying to.